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  1. writing
    1. the activity or skill of writing.
      "parents want schools to concentrate on reading, writing, and arithmetic"
    2. the activity or occupation of composing text for publication.
      "she made a decent living from writing"
      • written work, especially with regard to its style or quality.
        "the writing is straightforward and accessible"
      • (writings)
        books, stories, or other written works.
        "the writings of Gertrude Stein"
        compositions · works · oeuvre · opus · books · volumes ·
        publications · titles · tomes · papers · articles · essays
      • (Writings)
        the Hagiographa.
    [ with biblical allusion to Dan. 5:5, 25–8. ]
    writing (дієприкметник теперішнього часу)
    1. mark (letters, words, or other symbols) on a surface, typically paper, with a pen, pencil, or similar implement.
      "he wrote his name on the paper" ·
      "Alice wrote down the address" · "he wrote very neatly in blue ink"
      put in writing · write down · put down · put in black and white ·
      commit to paper · jot down · note · note down · make a note of · set down · take down · mark down · record · register · log · list · make a list of · inscribe · sign · scribble · scrawl · pencil
      • have the ability to mark coherent letters or words.
        "he couldn't read or write"
      • fill in or complete (a sheet, cheque, or similar).
        "he had to write a cheque for £800"
        write out · fill out · fill in · complete · draw up · draft · inscribe
      • CANADIAN
        take (an exam or test).
        "I wrote Prof. Weldon's Middle English exam last week"
      • write in a cursive hand, as opposed to printing individual letters.
    2. compose, write, and send (a letter) to someone.
      "I wrote a letter to Alison" ·
      "I wrote him a short letter" · "he wrote almost every day" · "Eleanor wrote to her sister Laura in Paris"
      correspond · write a letter · communicate · get in touch ·
      keep in touch · keep in contact · drop someone a line · drop someone a note
        write and send a letter to.
        "Mother wrote me and told me about poor Simon's death"
      • (write in)
        write to an organization, newspaper, etc. with a question, suggestion, or opinion.
        "write in with your query"
    3. compose (a text or work) for written or printed reproduction or publication; put into literary form and set down in writing.
      "she wrote a bestselling novel" ·
      "I didn't know you wrote poetry" · "he wrote under a pseudonym" · "he had written about the beauty of Andalusia"
      compose · draft · create · invent · think up · draw up · formulate ·
      compile · put together · pen · dash off · produce
      • compose (a musical work).
        "he has written a song specifically for her"
      • (write someone into/out of)
        add or remove a character to or from (a long-running story or series).
      • archaic
        describe in writing.
        "if I could write the beauty of your eyes"
        describe · write about · write an article about ·
        give an account of · characterize · portray · depict · outline · sketch
    4. computing
      enter (data) into a specified storage medium or location in store.
      "files can be read and written directly into the file system"
    5. underwrite (an insurance policy).
    Old English wrtan ‘score, form (letters) by carving, write’, of Germanic origin; related to German reissen ‘sketch, drag’.
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    • Автор: Contributors to Wikimedia Projects
    • Дата публікації: 7/27/2001
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